VIB-MoFo Hypnotherapy is a dialog between :
                              * Past
                                –  which is about to be exposed and re-painted
                              * Present
                                 – right here & right now I am allowing myself to make
                                   a decision-intention about inviting a new into my life
                              * Future
                                 – I am accepting the fact that my future will be
                                   different because I allow this change to happen
                                    I am creating it with my openess, courage & trust








                                   VIB-MoFo Hypnotherapy manifests itself with 5 principles

1 Visualization

2 Intention

3 Breath

4 Movement

5 Focus

During session you go on a journey through 5 dimensional projection of your-self

being placed in a reality of your desired goals

VIB-MoFo Hypnotherapy is a conscious simulation of your future potential

expressed with your natural capabilities in the very moment













                                                                                                                          VIB-MoFo Hypnotherapy session

1 Visualise your future by thinking about places and people you would like to be involved in the process

2 Place Intention in the future you just visualized

Intention is your expectation about future

The future you want to create depends on feelings & emotion you will use

Examples of your future anchors :

– harmonious, based on respect & gratitude, amplified creativity

– anger & anxiety replaced with joy & laughter

3 Breath work and into breathing awareness

Along with Visuallisation & Intention, our Breath becomes a carier for both – Emotional & Physical

4 Eyes Movement for brain stimulation and images teleportation

5 Focus to seal the process



Why to try VIB-MoFo Hypnotherapy and how to trigger curiosity towards it?



Imagine your daily choices being made by following your intuitive inner dialog.

You know what messages & images give appropriate focus, allow them to grow, or

let them pass.

All wrapped with gratitude and respect.

Intention here is about clarity and innocence.

You flow and your life flows.

If perhaps intuition is/was out of balance, seeing with clarity becomes uneasy.

Hypnotherapy assists you on a journey for repairing your intuitive-self.

Jungle of emotions to go through, hence the guide needed not to get lost.

I guide your mind-set towards clarity and cleansing, leaving much more

room for your intuitive spirit to enjoy life.